Literacy Program

We are very excited to collaborate with local schools to reach out and empower first grade children with a fun curriculum that engages children and introduces them to the exciting world of animals, especially horses and ponies while giving them their own books for their personal library, This is an exciting program that takes many volunteers and sponsorships to put together. We think the animals enjoy it as much as the children do.


Equine Assisted Learning

Activities aimed at reaching out to at-risk youth, special needs, those who have suffered trauma and ideally any child who might benefit from positive and enriching experiences involving therapeutic animals and activites on the farm. So many things can be taught during equine activities. Things like self respect, healthy boundaries, leadership, empathy, as well as coping skills. Horses are often better counselors and teachers than strangers and even well meaning family members. Our mission is for any child who needs a positive place to be, to be able to come here, without the family worrying about an out of pocket expense that many just cannot afford.

Our Sanctuary

We personally have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over sixty animals out of the slaughter pipeline since 2013 with money out of our pockets. We have been blessed with a variety of animals, some with career ending injuries, others who were much loved at one time, and still some who had never known a gentle hand. Seeing the grateful looks in their eyes is what makes it all worthwhile. We changed our standard of living, and changed our perspective to be able to afford to do what we do. It has been very rewarding to be able to give back and know we are making a positive difference in both animals and children’s lives.

Service Dog Advocacy and ADA Education

One of Cowboys N Angels Co-founders has used a medical service dog for twenty years. Her life has literally been saved by her service dogs on more than one occasion. As an advocate, she enjoys educating businesses and the public as to the responsibilities a person with a service dog has, as well as businesses. There is a difference between emotional support dogs, psychiatric and medical service dogs, as well as therapy dogs. This includes which are covered under what title of the Americans with Disabilities act, and which animals are not. If you are interested in learning more about whether a service dog might be right for you or a loved one, please contact us. We have taken in some wonderful dogs who came into the sanctuary. Some of our canines are available to other nonprofit service dog agencies for further training and placement.

Next Steps…

We rely on the generosity of our donors to run our program. We were privately funded until the decision was made to incorporate as a 501c3 so that we could grow our program to provide a community service in our area that we felt is currently underserved. If you would like to donate to our nonprofit, you may do so by clicking our PayPal donate button and making either a one time or monthly tax deductible donation.